Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 87: Have a fun & safe New Year!
- Credit: Unknown (sorry, but awesome picture tho!)

My internet has been acting funky lately, so sorry for the late post..

I'll keep this quick & simple.. I just want to wish everybody a Happy New Year & I hope everyone will have a brighter 2011. Regardless of all the stress people may be going through, just keep in mind to stay focused on your goals and do what it takes to be happy for yourself & everybody around you.

I really appreciate all the viewers checking out my blog and will continue bringing you cool stuff in 2011. Here's a Drake song I thought would be fitting for this occasion:

Drake - Fireworks featuring Alicia Keys

- From the album Thank Me Later (One of my favorite albums of 2010, go get it!)

Be safe & have fun. This is my last post of 2010 and I'm out... deuces!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 86: What if Barack Obama was a rapper?... (Video)

- Warning: This is pretty explicit (but f*ckin hilarious!). May not be suitable for your mama

... then he'd be called Baracka Flacka Flames! Catch him in the hood!

Ohh maan, this d00d got some nice lyrics going on and this video is just freakin awesome. Mad props to the guys who made this music video! hahahah =)

Saw it here first:

Check out other hip-hop related viral videos right here:
- 2010: Top 10 Viral Videos Of The Year

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 85: The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco (Music Video)

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

- Alt Audio Link

Here's the music video to one of my new favorite songs that recently came out by Lupe Fiasco called "The Show Goes On." This song will be featured on his upcoming album called Lasers scheduled to be released on March 8, 2011.

I've always liked Lupe Fiasco ever since he came out with "Kick Push", and since then I've been following his music more & more. He has a lot of good quality songs, but here are a few that are on the top of my list (I can listen to these songs all-day):

1. Superstar featuring Matthew Santos
2. Daydreamin' featuring Jill Scott
3. Hip-Hop Saved My Life featuring Nikki Jean

He has such an awesome style when he raps, and the beats to a majority of his songs are just ill. I have a feeling his new upcoming album should be really good so I can't wait to get it.

Saw the new music video here first:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 84: Jay Electronica in a Mtn Dew commercial (Video)

I just saw this Mountain Dew commercial from a friend's post on faecbook, so I had to put it on here because I thought it was pretty cool how it gives people a glimpse of what Jay Electronica is about. I'm happy to see that he's getting more exposure these days as this d00d has mad talent as an artist, and it's about time he jumped into the spotlight.

As some of you may have heard, Jay Electronica has been getting more of a buzz lately after he stepped away from working with good friend Sean "Diddy" Combs and signed under Jay-Z's label Roc Nation in early November. I think this was a good move for him & his music as I'm thinking if he signed with Diddy then his music would turn into "Diddy's music" and about what Diddy wants, you know what I mean?

For those who haven't heard of Jay Electronica, here's a song he came out with right after he signed with Jay-Z (sort of his official stamp to signing with Roc Nation). Check it out if you haven't heard it already:

Jay Electronica - Shiny Suit Theory ft. Jay-Z & The Dream

- Alt Audio Link

Listen to his lyrics; he's a good story-teller. Totally diggin this beat too...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 83: Merry Christmas beats (Audio)
- Picture courtesy of Nike: MVP Puppets

In light of the holidays, I just wanted to share with everybody some recent hip-hop Christmas songs I found. This song below has a very wholesome beat. Check it out:

Kanye West - Christmas in Harlem ft. Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Vado, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T, Musiq, Teyana Taylor, & Big Sean

- Alt Audio Link **Removed

1982 - Christmas in Boston ft. Kali, Reks, JFK, & Teyana Taylor [*another version for you Boston residents]

- Alt Audio Link **Removed

Here's another Christmas rap I thought I'd share in the spirit of the holidays. Brought to you by the MVP Puppets (this is old so I'm sure everybody has seen this before):

- One twoo, one twoooo...

That reminds me.. the Miami Heat vs LA Lakers game is on today! It's going to be very interesting to see all the matchups. Let's see if the Lakers can hold up the Heat on their homecourt. If I'm going to root for a team, I'm rooting for Miami.. GO HEAT!!

Hope everybody is having a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 82: Jersey Shores is coming back for a 3rd season! (Preview)
- JWowwwzas!

To confirm all the rumors, yes MTV's Jersey Shores will be coming back for a 3rd season! You know what that means... IT'S T-SHIRRRRRRT TYYYYYYYME!

Not to say I totally like the show, but through the past seasons it's just grown on me. As a form of dumb entertainment, this show gets my gold star as it just cracks me up with all the stupid & crazy drama they get into. I'm even starting to become a fan of JWoww as she's just so freakin sexy from head to toe (voluptuous is the correct term!).

Anyways, here's the preview to the 3rd season. It looks like there will be two one new female member added to the crew minus the "dirty lil hampster" Angelina (Ewwwwww!).

This show will premier on Thursday, January 6th on MTV (check your local listing for the time).

Saw it here first:

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 81: "Quick Can't Be Caught" with CP3 & his new shoe (Videos)

- Don't blink because this commercial goes by quick!

If you're familiar with the recent "Fast Don't Lie" commercials (I did post them before.. hello!) by Adidas featuring Derrick Rose then you'll understand how the Jordan Brand (by Nike) is trying to one-up their competition with the "Quick Can't be Caught" commercials featuring Chris Paul.

In this new series of "quick" commercials, Chris Paul is promoting his new signature shoe called the CP3.IV which look pretty dope. If you haven't seen the shoe yet then check them out below:
- More pictures & info about the shoe can be found at:

I actually own a pair of the original CP3's but I've worn them out so much playing bball that I may have to retire them soon. These were my most favorite shoes to play in (granted they were my only "real" bball shoes before; thanks Dex!) as it had such a nice soft cushion with every step I took and made me feel light on my feet. The only thing I didn't like was how it looked but as you can see the CP3.IV's are 10x more awesome now.

Any shoe fanatics out there? I think I'm becoming one as I'm starting to like shoes just as much as I like music & food. Since living here in Los Angeles, I've gone out more often than before to check out the different local shoe shops in the area and I've even been out to a few sneaker events. To add onto that, my roommate (aka Shimp-deezy) is big on shoes so he kind of got me into it too.

My shoe obsession is growing so I may branch out my blog a bit and start posting up any cool shoes I find (bball, casual, any type of shoe). I think it's time to get myself an xmas present =D

Saw the CP3.IV's here first:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 80: What is Steve "The Franchise" Francis doing now? (Video)
- He's so OG that he'll play on a bad ankle while the ice pack is still on. LOL.

I just read this Yahoo article not too long ago about Steve Francis (former NBA All-Star), and it appears he's still ballin it up in a league over in China for a team called the Beijing Ducks. He saw his first action the other day as he was called into the game knowing he was injured with a bad ankle (look at that ice pack!). Regardless, he played but only got to see about 3 minutes of action so it wasn't a big deal.

I'm really surprised there is actually news about "The Franchise" since his departure from the NBA. I swear he just fell off a cliff, and everybody just forgot about him & moved on. I can't even remember the last NBA team he played for, but I do remember when he was a Houston Rocket busting out some flashy moves as he had crazy handles and mad hops for a point guard his size. Granted the team wasn't that great at the time, I still liked him back then during the days he played alongside Cuttino Mobley (old school yo!).

Here's a news report from China that proves he's still playing bball:

- This clip just shows a glimpse of him entering the game which was enough for them to win

On the topic of forgotten NBA players, I heard Stephon Marbury is also playing in the same Chinese league as Steve Francis so that should boost up their fanbase overseas... or maybe not.

Saw it here first:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 79: Cool new iPhone app - Word Lens (Videos)

- It looks like this app is only for translating Spanish to English (vice versa) for now

Check out this video showcasing the new iPhone app called "Word Lens" that just recently came out (or will be coming out very soon).

It can translate words literally by pointing your iPhone camera onto the writing you want to translate, and it will appear in the language you want right on the iPhone screen. This would be such a VERY helpful app for those who like to travel & don't really know how to read other languages. I'm sure they don't have all the languages translated yet but once they do then this will be another evolution of technology. Very cool!

Now, I just need to get my hands on an iPhone which will hopefully be soon as I'm waiting for it to come out for Verizon in Q1 of 2011 (from what I've heard).

More info about this right here:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 78: Action Movies to look forward to in 2011 (Movie Trailers)
- Looking forward to Transformers 3 in July 2011, but the trailer is such a teaser

So I was "taking a break" from work the other day and decided to search for some cool new movies coming out in 2011. As I was finding some interesting movies to add onto my movie list, it just dawned on me: 2011 is going to be all about Aliens & Robots!! Well not quiet, but I really hope we can get out of the vampires, werewolves, and kid wizards phase please.

Anyways, here are some awesome movie trailers that caught my attention:

Battle: Los Angeles

- Set to be released in March 2011 and stars Michelle Rodriguez & Aaron Eckhart
(Looks as if it could happen in real life.. and I'm living in LA too... AHHH!)

Cowboys & Aliens

- Set to be released in July 2011 and stars Daniel Craig (007!) and Harrison Ford
(This may be a hit or fail but the trailer has me curious)

Sucker Punch

- Set to be released in March 2011 and is from the directors of Watchmen & 300
(Looks like it will have a lot of cool visuals & non-stop action/fighting scenes)

I didn't want to point out the obvious blockbusters so check out these trailers and lemme know what you think.

TGIF peeps!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 77: Happy music by David Banner & 9th Wonder (Music Video)

David Banner & 9th Wonder - Be With You ft. Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius

- Updated 12/21

I just want to share this music video of one of my current favorite songs called "Be With You" by David Banner & 9th Wonder (featuring Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius), which will be featured on their collaborative album called Death of a Pop Star set to be released on December 21st.

Back then, I neeever thought David Banner was that great of a rapper when he first emerged onto the scene as I always thought he was all about keeping it "hood" and he was just too wild for my taste. I'll admit, I got to liking a few tracks he came out with such as "Play" and "Get Like Me" but back then my hip-hop library was mostly filled with all these mainstream party songs (I was a total MTV kid). I loved to party all the time but I sorta grew out of that phase though... well for the most part ;)

Fast forward to now, I guess he decided to change his image & "grow up" as he teamed up with 9th Wonder on this album coming out. I think he's going in the right direction with this as it sounds like he's putting more substance in his lyrics, songs, and the overall sound to his music. It looks like he's having fun but in a mature sort of way, don't you think?

I'm swayed enough by the few songs I've heard so far that I'm gonna have to buy this album when it comes out. FYI, 9th Wonder makes the dopest beats!

Saw the music video here first:

I posted the audio of this song before in case the video doesn't stream well for you:
Day 59: Time to chill to the sounds of David Banner & 9th Wonder (Audio)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 76: Hold up, Wait a minute, Let me put some "Kush" up in it (Music Video)

Dr. Dre - Kush featuring Snoop Dogg & Akon

- Alt Audio Link Link removed =(

Ever since this new song came out by Dr. Dre, I've been bumping it non-stop as it's really catchy, has such a dope piano beat, and the name of the track is awesome ("Kush", need I say more?). It's still a bit unreal to hear Dr. Dre rapping since he was on hiatus for so many years, but it's looking like "Detox" is finally becoming a reality and will be coming out very soon (c'mon, it's on wikipedia!).

One thing I noticed: This music video featuring Snoop Dogg & Akon was shot in Downtown LA, and I recognize the venue they shot the end part where Dre is walking down the stairs & the slow-mo part when he's walking through a corridor with Snoop. It was shot at a club/lounge called "Exchange" which is a pretty nice place to party at. For those who have been there before, you'll recognize where I'm talking about.

Overall, this is a pretty cool music video as they use the 3D still-motion filming (or whatever it's called) but they add their own variation by having Dre, Snoop, and Akon being the only people moving while everything is still. I'm seeing this 3D still-motion filming being used more & more in movies (Ex. The Other Guys) and music videos (Ex. Rap Song by T-Pain), which is kind of cool seeing how technology & filming are advancing.

Saw this music video here first: (Source for all West Coast Hip-Hop)


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 75: A song for the ladies by Jamie Foxx featuring Drake (Music Video)

Jamie Foxx - Fall For Your Type featuring Drake

- Alt Audio Link

For those who didn't catch the premiere of this music video on BET last Friday, here it is for your listening & viewing pleasure.

This song featuring Drake will be on Jamie Foxx's new album called Best Night of My Life set to be released on December 21st. I'm sure the album will be filled with a lot of R&B and party-type music, so this should definitely be a good album to get for all you mainstream music lovers out there.

Personally, I can get into this type of music and I think Jamie Foxx is a very talented person who has done it all (television, movies, stand-up, & music), but I'll need to hear more songs from the album to get a better feel of it. Right now, I can dig Jamie Foxx as a musician but I'm not really too inclined to spend $$$ on an album like this.

I do like one of his tracks on this album, which I posted up before. Check it out here:
Day 51: Need something to listen to? Get your headphones ready! (Audio)
   - Song: Jamie Foxx - Living Better Now featuring Rick Ross

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 74: TRON Legacy - Another "Derezzed" Music Video by Daft Punk

Here's another "Derezzed" music video by Daft Punk to help promote the movie TRON: Legacy, which is coming out next Friday, December 17th. I'm super excited to see this movie as it's going to be full of awesome visuals, graphics, action, and drama. I can't wait!

I posted the other "Derezzed" music video a while back if you want to check it out:
>>> Day 48: Daft Punk - Derezzed Music Video/New "Tron" Trailer (Video)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 73: Stereos Up! - New Dr. Dre, Lloyd Banks, Wiz, & B.o.B. (Audio)
- Picture courtesy of Kakofonia

Some of these tracks may be old to you but then again some of them may be new, so listen up! Got some hot tracks below:

Dr. Dre - Kush (Remix) featuring Akon, Snoop Dogg, and The Game

- Alt Audio Link

Lloyd Banks - Where I'm From featuring Eminem (Produced by Boi-1da)

- Alt Audio Link

Wiz Khalifa - In My Car (Tha Puff Bus) featuring Juice

- Alt Audio Link

B.o.B. - Fuck The Money featuring Wiz Khalifa

- Alt Audio Link

I hope this post can stay up for at least a week... I bet it might get taken down soon so listen to all this while you can!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 72.5: Music Video Wednesday - A new joint from Joell Ortiz (Video)

Joell Ortiz - Battle Cry

- Alt Audio Link (the version on Free Agent)

For all the hip-hop heads out there, here's a dope song by Joell Ortiz of Slaughterhouse called "Battle Cry." This is that type of song where you can just relax with some herb on and bump your head to the beat. Just listen to his lyrics and how creative he is with his wordplay... dam.

This song has been out for a while now since he came out with the Farewell Summer EP, but I'm guessing he created this music video to help promote his recent album that just came out called Free Agent. I haven't had a chance to go get it yet but I'm sure it's full of wicked rhymes and chillin beats.


Day 72: Music Video Wednesday - Keri Hilson's hot new one (Video)

Keri Hilson - The Way You Love Me featuring Rick Ross

- Alt Audio Link

I only just heard this song as soon as I saw this music video last week (I swear!). I'm not really feeling this song too much, but I'm definitely falling for Keri Hilson a bit more after watching her dance in that sexy outfit in the music video. Umm, I don't really have much more to say.. that's really the main reason why I posted this up ;)

Keri's always been among the hottest female R&B artists of this generation since Timbaland basically introduced her into the limelight. Aside from her fine looks, I do like her as an artist as she's collaborated with some of my favorite hip-hop rappers such as Nas (in Hero) and Kanye West (in Knock You Down featuring Ne-Yo).

If you're into mainstream hip-hop & pop and are one of those club-goers then I'm sure this song is for you.

Props to my boy Dex for showing me this one.. =)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 71: Next FUNNY movie to look forward to - Your Highness (Trailer)

- Alternate trailer link

The producers of Pineapple Express are at it again with a new mid-evil comedy movie called Your Highness featuring the always-funny & hilarious Danny McBribe (aka Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down). Also starring in this movie is the so-lovely Natalie Portman, the also-funny James Franco, and the very-sweet Zooey Deschanel (she sort of reminds me of Katy Perry).

This movie is set to be released in April 2011 so don't get excited just yet, but believe me.. this will be a VERY funny movie. I can't wait to see this one! =)

Saw it here first:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 70: And another one from J. Cole - "Who Dat" live in SJ (Video)

- The sound is softer & a bit clearer, but the picture quality is sort of fuzzy =(

As promised from my previous J. Cole post, here's the other video from my homies camera showing J. Cole performing live at Voodoo Lounge (San Jose, CA) last month. Here J. Cole is rapping his hit song "Who Dat" with a mix of a lil Biggie on the beat during the middle of it.

Props to my boy ShimpeEezy for this one.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 69: I Put On For The City! (Pics)

I'm a bit tired today so I'll just share some pictures I took while I was venturing in the city of Frisco last week when I was back visiting the Bay Area. Here are just a few:
- Haight & Ashbury: Famous for the hippie movement and there are some cool urban shops here
- Plenty of this stuff around here too ;)
- Peace.
- Niketown SF > Niketown LA. Soo much better if you ask me
- City nights..
Bright lights..
All of the lights, all of the lights! Good night SF!

Man, it was soo freakin cold in the Bay but I felt soo relaxed being at home that the freezing weather was nothing to me (well just for a few days, haha!). Being in the Bay is definitely a change of pace than being in LA, and the air is so much fresher up there too.. so much fresher.

Maybe one day I'll move up there.. one of these days...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 68: J. Cole Performance in SJ Recap (Pics + Videos)

11/27 (San Jose, CA): While I was in the bay for Thanksgiving break, My friends and I went to go check out J. Cole perform live @ Voodoo Lounge last Friday, and all I gotta say is he is one dope MC.

He definitely rocked the stage and gave everybody an awesome show. He performed his hit track "Who Dat" and rapped his verses from the mainstream song "All I Want is You" by Miguel. He also did a bunch of my fav's from his Friday Night Lights mixtape and some other jams from his older mixtape called The Warm Up.

The only downside was that Voodoo Lounge is a small venue and the stage was literally just a corner area. Also, it was pretty dark in general so I couldn't really take great pictures. Granted all that, it wasn't too crowded so I got a close view of the entire performance. Overall, the show was more than worth it.

Check out some pictures and a video I took of the event:

"Dollar & A Dream II" live:

- The sound is pretty distorted and the picture is dark because my camera is a POS..
- The sound gets better once he goes acappella

After seeing the pictures & video I took, I'm motivated to get a better camera and possibly a flip cam. Hopefully I can start saving money soon but for now this will have to do.

** Update: My homie has a better video so I'll post that up at the end of the week