Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 81: "Quick Can't Be Caught" with CP3 & his new shoe (Videos)

- Don't blink because this commercial goes by quick!

If you're familiar with the recent "Fast Don't Lie" commercials (I did post them before.. hello!) by Adidas featuring Derrick Rose then you'll understand how the Jordan Brand (by Nike) is trying to one-up their competition with the "Quick Can't be Caught" commercials featuring Chris Paul.

In this new series of "quick" commercials, Chris Paul is promoting his new signature shoe called the CP3.IV which look pretty dope. If you haven't seen the shoe yet then check them out below:
- More pictures & info about the shoe can be found at:

I actually own a pair of the original CP3's but I've worn them out so much playing bball that I may have to retire them soon. These were my most favorite shoes to play in (granted they were my only "real" bball shoes before; thanks Dex!) as it had such a nice soft cushion with every step I took and made me feel light on my feet. The only thing I didn't like was how it looked but as you can see the CP3.IV's are 10x more awesome now.

Any shoe fanatics out there? I think I'm becoming one as I'm starting to like shoes just as much as I like music & food. Since living here in Los Angeles, I've gone out more often than before to check out the different local shoe shops in the area and I've even been out to a few sneaker events. To add onto that, my roommate (aka Shimp-deezy) is big on shoes so he kind of got me into it too.

My shoe obsession is growing so I may branch out my blog a bit and start posting up any cool shoes I find (bball, casual, any type of shoe). I think it's time to get myself an xmas present =D

Saw the CP3.IV's here first:

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