Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 319: Fabolous - "B.I.T.E." Music Video (from The Soul Tape 2 mixtape)

I'm screaming "bee, iee, tee, eee." (B.I.T.E)
- Fabolous

Can't get enough of this Loso track; still bumpin it all-day erry-day. Take note and recognize the Biggy sound bite in the beginning; may he RIP (5/21/72 - 3/9/97) #RIPBIG

You can check out that Soul Tape 2 mixtape right here.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 318: The Airplane Boys takeover Asia in the "Temples" music video

"The vision is clear, limit the fear; doctor the power, acknowledge the knowledge.."

Get familiar with The Airplane Boys because they going places. They already ventured through Asia... where to next?

If you wanna check them out live, here's an upcoming schedule below:

3/14: Filter x Doc Martens Showcase @ Bar 96 (TX)
3/16: Beers & Taco's Party @ North Door Bar @SXSW (TX)
3/21: [SohoHouse] (TORONTO)

Don't forget to grab a free copy of their recent mixtape, Brave New World, right here #GETFAMILIAR