Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 379: On Rotation - London Grammar with "Hey Now" (Music Video)

Definitely one my favorite tracks from London Grammar's recent album If You Wait. Like I mentioned before, this is a band to watch out for this year so keep your eyes & ears open for them.

Really excited to see them perform live in LA at the El Rey next month.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 378: Turn Up Tuesdays with Flosstradamus - "Mosh Pit" (Music Video)

Seen Flosstradamus a few times live, and I gotta say I've had the most fun at their shows. Their beats are so insanely hard that you can't stop jumping up-n-down (you'd be a fool if you didn't get down with it), and they definitely know how to raise up that crowd energy.

Much applause for what these guys are doing with trap music, and I will probably be seeing them again at Coachella which should be f*cking awesome.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 377: The Weeknd remixes "Drunk In Love" (Audio)

This shit right here tho.. ok I'll admit Bey's original version of "Drunk In Love" is pretty good, but The Weeknd does an awesome job creating his own version & darkening it up a bit. If I were to choose which version is better, I'm going with XO.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 376: That New-New - SOHN with "Artifice" (Music Video)

Been listening to SOHN rather recently but I'm glad I found out about this d00d. He can will be the next up-n-coming big artist/producer sometime soon; no joke. Just wait for it and thank me later.

**UPDATE: SOHN will release a debut album called Tremors on April 7/8th. Stay tuned for that.

Check out my fav SOHN tracks (so far) after the jump.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 375: Added to my playlist - "Fall in Love" by Phantogram (Music Video)

I've heard of Phantogram, but never took the time to listen to them before and now I feel like an idiot. But hey, at least I got them in my radar now, right?

I stumbled on this recent track and boy ohh boy, I'm really feeling the bassy-synth, active drum patterns, and smooth vocals. Just really great structure to the song overall, and the visuals/graphics in the music video is really dope/creative too. I think I'm falling in love with the vocalist but I know I shouldn't based on the lyrics of this song... #heartbroken =X

If you're into Phantogram, get ready for their new album coming out next Tuesday, 2/18, called Voices. Pre-order here.

More Phantogram tunes after the jump.