Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 230: Very moved by this song - "The Knowing" by The Weeknd (Music Video)

Such a visually-trippy music video by The Weeknd so I had to post it up for everybody to see. This song gets very deep with mixed emotion, and the Weeknd does a great job doing this with all his music in general which is why I'm so drawn to his style #nohomo

In case you didn't know, this song is from the House of Balloons mixtape which you can download for free right here if you don't have it already: . I still got it up on my Mixtape on Blast section to the right if you just want to sample his music here. Awesome mixtape btw.

Saw it here first:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 229: Bumpin In My Playlist - Best of "Take Care" by Drake (Audio)


Been listening Drake's new album Take Care almost every day before it came out (got the leak!), and it still bumps. As much as people bag on most of his tracks because of his singing, there are a lot of good quality ones where he raps over awesome beats. Here's a quick playlist of the songs in my headphones:

Drake - Take Care (Best of) by Jason Yang on Grooveshark
- "Free Spirit" didn't make the cut on the album but I included it b/c it's a dope song
- Not really feelin "Take Care" but I added it b/c of Rihanna ;P

I love listening to well-orchestrated beats & drums, and these tracks are soothing to my ears. Overall, still an album worth buying though, and yes I did buy it.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 228: Hilarious Rap Battle - T-Pain vs "Chocolate Drop" (Video)

- Language NSFW

Holy f*kin sh*t this is mad funny!! Kevin Hart aka "Chocolate Drop" puts the DROP on T-Pain in this freestyle battle. Chocolate Drop = genius. Watchu kno bout real raps??! ;P


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 227: An interview with Kendrick Lamar by 2DB (Video)

One of my favorite new generation rappers Kendrick Lamar with a friendly interview organized by 2DopeBoyz. One of the realist rappers out there today.

I like the part where he talks about "keeping honest people around you." I feel the same way.. you gotta have people around you who genuinely care for you, can give you honest criticism (good & bad), and keep you in check with everything going on.. or else like he said, you can forget who you are in the spotlight.

Saw it here first:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 226: KD & LeBron doing some training together during the NBA Lockout (Video)

Man, I wish this NBA Lockout would get resolved soon so us fans can start watching some NBA basketball again. I'm sure KD and Bron-Bron are missing the NBA season just as much as us. Well, at least it looks like they haven't lost a step with their shot & overall skills #BasketballNeverStops

It's looking less & less likely that there will even be an NBA season this year, but I'm still optimistic an agreement will be made soon. I really hope so...

TGIF peeps!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 225: araabMUZIK performance at the Mondrian Hotel in LA (Events)

11-11-11 (Hollywood, CA): I was running a bit late but managed to catch the tail-end of an awesome MPC performance by one of my favorite beat-makers, araabMUZIK #MVPofMPC

araabMUZIK is known for his mad skills on the MPC (obviously) and he also has a great sense for hip-hop music/beats as well as the electronic stuff, which makes him an even more talented & well-rounded musician. I don't think anyone is even close to doing what he does on the MPC live... lemme rephrase that... no one can do what he does on the MPC.. LIVE.. PERIOD.

Afterwards I got to chat with him real quick, and I gotta say he's really cool & humble in-person. Hopefully the next time we meet, it won't happen because I'm a fan but because I'm ready to collaborate.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 224: COD Modern Warfare 3 Trailer - Nice creative & use of celebs (Video Games)

Saw this pretty cool & creative Call of Duty commercial last night during Sunday Night Football, and just wanted to share this with everybody. I liked how they used the "Vet vs n00b" concept as most ALL gamers can totally relate to this no matter what game they are playing.

They did really good job putting together celebs such as Sam Worthington & Jonah Hill and meshing them with the overall concept. Dwight Howard makes a quick yet laughable appearance in the end, which is kind of random but I guess every NBA player needs to do something to make that $ during this NBA lockout.

Overall, a very well-put together and funny COD ad. Man, this game's gonna be huge.. I don't even play video games anymore and I'm thinking about getting it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 223: Funny new movie coming out in Spring 2012 - 21 Jump Street (Trailer)

- NSFW: Explicit Language

Just saw this trailer for this new comedy movie called 21 Jump Street, and I gotta say it looks pretty hilarious. This could be a nice comeback for Jonah Hill since he's been so MIA from the movie scene for a while. Movie coming out on March 2012.

LOL @ the quote "Hey! Do you want me to beat your d*ck off?" hahah! #nice

Saw it here first:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 222: Grand Theft Auto V Trailer - New setting in Los Angeles aka "Los Santos"

I don't play video games much these days, but I might have to get this GTA game since the setting appears to be in LA!! Maybe they'll include other cities like San Francisco (Bay Area!) and make this just a California version of GTA. That would be awesome btw.

Based on the trailer, the gameplay looks like it's gonna be even crazier than the last one (more dynamic movement, cooler missions, nicer cars, a fighter jet?). Mad props to Rockstar Games for continuing to make each GTA out-do the last one.