Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 114: Dr. Dre is a Beast! - I Need A Doctor ft. Eminem (Music Video)

Eminem - I Need A Doctor ft. Dr. Dre & Skylar Grey

- Alt Audio Link

Dr. Dre is back at it again.. FINALLY! Here's a music video to the single "I Need A Doctor" which will be on Dre's upcoming album Detox.

I really liked how they showed clips of the younger Dre hanging out with all the WestCoast OG's from Tupac to Eazy-E and more. All I gotta say is that Dre has lived some great memories and made amazing music with the best in the industry. Also, having Eminem under your wing must be pretty cool too.

With Dre coming out of his shell again, it's looking like a promising year for the West.

WestCoast stand UP!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 113: My NBA All-Star Weekend - D.Rose signing, Pictures, & More! (Events)

All was crackin this past weekend with NBA All-Star Weekend happening in Los Angeles, CA this year.

Since last Thursday, there have been so many NBA players making live appearances for the fans all over the place from the Fox Hills Mall, 3rd Street in Santa Monica, the Beverly Center, and more. There were also mad club parties each night hosted by various NBA players and so many celebs/rappers everywhere making special appearances too, but I wasn't able to get access to any of those parties so boo... =(

My one highlight of the weekend was that I did get to see one of my favorite NBA players, Derrick Rose. I got real lucky when I got to see him because the day before his appearance I found out that you needed a wristband to see him. They only handed out 150 of those wristbands and luckily I got one of them.. I waited 2 hours to get that wristband but it was so worth it.

I didn't have a jersey for him to sign so I got the next best thing.. his new shoes: the Adidas Adizero Rose 1.5. Freakin awesome bball shoes btw! I got pics below:

I got a few more pictures in my album right here (mostly just sneakers & displays):

NBA All-Star Weekend: Los Angeles

Lastly, I just want to say the best part of NBA All-Star Weekend wasn't the NBA player appearances, totally not the exciting dunk contest Blake Griffin owned, and not even the All-Star game itself. The best part was actually the half-time performance by Rihanna! (I hope you know I'm being sarcastic but Rihanna did have an awesome performance tho, haha!)

In case you missed it, I got it right here:


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 112: Another favorite Kanye track - All of the Lights (Music Video)

Kanye West - All of the Lights featuring Rihanna & Kid Cudi

- Alt Audio Link

I've been bumpin Kanye West's recent album non-stop ever since it came out, and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. Here's another one of my favorite tracks from his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Enjoy the music video!

FYI, If you're going to be watching the NBA All-Star game today, I'm pretty sure he's going to perform this song live with Rihanna. Check it out if you can.

Saw it here first:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 111: "The Black Mamba" by Robert Rodriguez (Video)

NBA All-Star Weekend in LA has already begun, which means all the wait is over! Here's the Kobe Bryant short film called "The Black Mamba" directed by Robert Rodriguez.

I gotta say it's pretty entertaining and sorta funny to watch. There are cameos made by Danny Trejo, Bruce Willis, and Kanye West. Overall, I think Kobe & Robert Rodriguez did a good job setting up this film.

In the meantime, I'm going to explore LA & try find some spottings of NBA players, and document the festivities. This is going to be a fun weekend in LA! =)

Saw this video here first:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 110: Grammy Weekend pt.2 - G.O.O.D. Music Afterparty (Events)

2-13-11 (Hollywood, CA): Sunday night, my friend invited me to go check out the G.O.O.D. Music Grammy afterparty and all I gotta say is that it was "superfun!"

So, the party was at a loungy spot called "supperclub" which was overall pretty nice inside & out. We saw a few familiar G.O.O.D. Music faces like Big Sean, Pusha T, and some others. It was kinda cool chillin inside and seeing how they party live. Everybody was having a good time, the DJ was playing some dope beats, and the scene was pretty... well just pretty ;)

Here's a video that my homie took of the event:

- Video by Rex4000 (someone got tackled out of nowhere.. real random & crazy!)

I also got some pictures I took from that night:

More pictures in my album right here:

G.O.O.D. Music Afterparty @ Supper Club

Mad props goes out to Rex4000 for finding out about this. Again, go check out his new blog site about the LA lifestyle & more if you haven't already:


G.O.O.D. times.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 109: Grammy Weekend - Roots Jam Session by Hennessy (Events)

2-12-11 (Hollywood, CA): There were a lot of fun events going on in LA due to the Grammy's that happened this past weekend, and I just so happened to check out one of them: The Roots Jam Session presented by Hennessy Artistry.

This was such a chill event mixed with a plethora of musical performances at a very classy venue (The Music Box). So many different artists performed and I couldn't remember all their names, but luckily my homie gave me the 411:
Jimmy Fallon (host), Bobby McFerrin, Sara Bareilles, Ryan Leslie, Ne-Yo, Chuck Brown, Estelle, Betty Wright, Chaka Khan, Lalah Hathaway, Melanie Fiona, Taj Mahal, Booker T, Too $hort , Marsha Ambrosius, Donnis, Young Chris, Asher Roth, Blu, Anthony Hamilton, Raheem Devaughn, Trombone Shorty, Craig Robinson X THE ROOTS!!
I definitely had to take advantage of all the Hennessy I could, but stopped at one point because I was getting too buzzed and was losing focus on my goals: checking out the art displays, listening to good music, watching the live performances, and taking awesome pictures with my new Cannon S95 =)

Props to my homie Rex4000 for hookin me up with this one. Also, I wanna give a shout-out to his other blog site about the LA lifestyle & more right here:

--> (Check it out!)

Last but not least, here are some pictures I took of the event:

More pictures in my album right here:

7th Annual Roots Jam Session by Hennessy Artistry

I had such an awesome time from beginning to end.. Mad props to The Roots & Hennessy for setting this up.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 108.5: Setting the mood with J. Cole - In the Morning ft. Drake (Music Video)

J. Cole - In The Morning featuring Drake

"Just say you’re scared if you’re scared but if you through frontin’ we can do somethin, And you know just what I'm talking about, tomorrow you’ll be calling out..."
- J. Cole

Just one more song before today's over. This is one of my favorite J. Cole tracks from the Friday Night Lights mixtape. Dope a$$ mixtape btw..

Day 108: My Single's Anthem - A Music Video by Lil Wayne

"... tonight I'm single, And I ain't trippin on nothin, I'm sippin on somthin, and my homeboy say he got a bad b#tch for me tonight.." - Lil Wayne

I just want to celebrate today for all the single people out there. Happy Singles Day ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 107: X-Men: First Class Trailer - Looks pretty cool! (Video)

I was a big fan of X-Men growing up (watching the cartoon & collecting cards!), and I'm a bit excited yet skeptical of this new X-Men: First Class movie coming out this Summer (6/03/11).

Out of all the X-Men movies, I really only liked X-Men 2: X-Men United and thought all the other ones were pretty lame & stupid. This new movie should be quiet different because it takes place when they were young adults and basically has a whole new/younger cast of people in it (new X-Men characters too). Based on the trailer, it does look like it's going to be pretty awesome tho..

TGIF peeps!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 106: Who is this kid from Compton, Kendrick Lamar? (Music Video)

Kendrick Lamar - Look Out For Detox

- Alt Audio Link (explicit lyrics so quiet down and listen!)

Just recently, Kendrick Lamar has been hovering around my radar ever since I heard this track called "Look Out For Detox". This beat bumps pretty hard and the entire song is so freakin RAWW. It sounds like he just freestyled this because his rhymes are everywhere.

I don't know much about this Kendrick Lamar d00d yet, but it sounds like he's being taken under Dr. Dre's wing and will be releasing an album later this year called Good Kid in a Mad City. With Dre's help, I'm sure Kendrick Lamar will get a boost of fans nationwide and become the spark of the new generation in the West. For now, I'm interested in the kid but not totally sold yet, so we'll see what he has in store for the rest of the year.

On the note of the WestCoast, I'm hoping 2011 will be OUR YEAR as The Game (The R.E.D. Album), Snoop Dogg (
Doggumentary), and Dr. Dre (Detox) are all about to come out with their albums this year.

Where ya'll at, WestCoast stand up!!

Props to J.Li for showing me this one.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 105: Devil In A New Dress - Rick Ross' verse (Music Video)

- Alt Audio Link (link to entire song)

"I never needed acceptance from all you outsiders, had cyphers with Yeezy before his mouth wired.." -Rick Ross

I just saw this music video the other day of a Kanye West track called "Devil In A New Dress" featuring Rick Ross, but I guess Kanye couldn't make it to the shoot so Ross did it without him, haha! =P

If you can't already tell, I'm more of a beat-listener and mostly love this type of chill / mellow-tempo music, especially this track because of it's smooth use of instrumentals. Kanye definitely knows how to fill people's headphones with "Good Music" and Rick Ross does a nice job ending this song too. Don't get me wrong tho, I do factor in lyrics when I "like" a song but some songs sound so good collectively that it doesn't need to have deep lyrics, ya feel me?

FYI, I hope everybody has a copy of Kanye's recent album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because it's a musical masterpiece.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 104: The Superbowl ad that caught my attention.. Baby Darth Vader! (Videos)

- Use the force!

Let's just say that I was "pretty drunk" during the Superbowl and was so involved with the game (I had money on the line!) that I didn't really pay much attention to any of the Superbowl ads (nor did I remember much from that night either). BUT, the one commercial I do remember & stood out in all the craziness was this one.

I thought Volkswagen did an awesome job making this commercial funny & cute, and incorporating one of my favorite pastimes, Star Wars!! Claaassic!!

Were there any other good Superbowl ads that top this one? Feel free to share =P

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 103: Superbowl XLV Steelers vs Packers - Snoop Rap (Video) + My Prediction

- Snoop Dogg rappin about the upcoming Superbowl in a Pepsi Max commercial
- Saw it here first:

I just love it when music & sports are mixed together; two of the most entertaining things in life. =)

Anyways, I'm really starting to get excited for the NFL Superbowl now as it's all going down this Sunday between the Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. When the playoffs first began, I predicted to see the Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots in the Superbowl but obviously I was way off on that one :\ (looked good going into it!)

Still though, I'm happy the Superbowl match-up turned out this way because these two teams are both beastly in so many different ways. What I'm looking forward to seeing the most is Aaron Rodgers & his hi-powered offense vs the dominant Steeler D. It should be a wild game on both ends!

I don't usually like betting on sports but since this is the Superbowl & it only happens once a year, I'll take a gamble for this one big event. If I were to bet on a team, my heart tells me to bet on the Packers because this is a QB-run sport and Aaron Rodgers is da shit, BUT... my gut & brain tells me to bet on the Steelers because they've won two Superbowls under "Big Ben" at QB and their defense is mad scary.

Hmmm... ok here's my prediction & pick:


Oh yea, one more thing... TGIF everyone!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 102: Street Fighter Ultra Combo in real life! + Cool fight scene (Videos)

- Video created by Thousand Pounds Action Company

For all you Street Fighter fans, here's a cool video showing what an Ultra Combo would look like in real life.

Being a fan of anime & video games, I think these guys did a very good job with this setting this up and creating video game-like shots. I really liked everything about it from the camera angles & the on-point sound effects/action to the nice moves & cool KO graphics. This looks better than some "video games converted to real life" fight scenes I've seen before..

Need to see more? Ok, I just found another cool fight scene they created. Check it out:

Pretty cool from a video game stand-point, right?

I really want to see what these guys can do with a cool cast of actors, a better background setting, and more budget for graphics. I nominate them to make the next "Street Fighter: The Movie".. or at least a trailer =P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 101: To all the Creepers - Lonely Island ft. Nicki Minaj (Music Video)

Saw it here first:

From the guys who brought us top hits such as "Jizz In My Pants" and "I'm On A  Boat" featuring T-Pain (LOL!), Lonely Island is back at it again with another thumpin track called "The Creep" featuring Nicki Minaj.

Ok, this one isn't as funny as some other ones they've made but it's still pretty ridiculous and laughable. Andy Samberg is one of my favorite comedians and he always comes up with some hilarious stuff. I love to laugh and making people laugh, so I aspire to be just as funny & silly as him =D

They have a whole bunch of other funny songs, so for those who didn't think this one with Nicki Minaj was funny then check out my list of other top Lonely Island songs below (in no specific order):

- Bing Bong Brothers
- Like A Boss ft. Seth Rogan
- On The Ground
- Dick In A Box
- Lazy Sunday (CLAAASSIC!)
Space Olympics

Now, do the CREEP!