Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 113: My NBA All-Star Weekend - D.Rose signing, Pictures, & More! (Events)

All was crackin this past weekend with NBA All-Star Weekend happening in Los Angeles, CA this year.

Since last Thursday, there have been so many NBA players making live appearances for the fans all over the place from the Fox Hills Mall, 3rd Street in Santa Monica, the Beverly Center, and more. There were also mad club parties each night hosted by various NBA players and so many celebs/rappers everywhere making special appearances too, but I wasn't able to get access to any of those parties so boo... =(

My one highlight of the weekend was that I did get to see one of my favorite NBA players, Derrick Rose. I got real lucky when I got to see him because the day before his appearance I found out that you needed a wristband to see him. They only handed out 150 of those wristbands and luckily I got one of them.. I waited 2 hours to get that wristband but it was so worth it.

I didn't have a jersey for him to sign so I got the next best thing.. his new shoes: the Adidas Adizero Rose 1.5. Freakin awesome bball shoes btw! I got pics below:

I got a few more pictures in my album right here (mostly just sneakers & displays):

NBA All-Star Weekend: Los Angeles

Lastly, I just want to say the best part of NBA All-Star Weekend wasn't the NBA player appearances, totally not the exciting dunk contest Blake Griffin owned, and not even the All-Star game itself. The best part was actually the half-time performance by Rihanna! (I hope you know I'm being sarcastic but Rihanna did have an awesome performance tho, haha!)

In case you missed it, I got it right here:



  1. Thanks Gizmo-King! All-Star weekend was overall a good time over here! If you're a big NBA bball fan (like me) then this is the one event to see all your favorite NBA players =)

    I think next year it's going to be in Orlando..