Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 102: Street Fighter Ultra Combo in real life! + Cool fight scene (Videos)

- Video created by Thousand Pounds Action Company

For all you Street Fighter fans, here's a cool video showing what an Ultra Combo would look like in real life.

Being a fan of anime & video games, I think these guys did a very good job with this setting this up and creating video game-like shots. I really liked everything about it from the camera angles & the on-point sound effects/action to the nice moves & cool KO graphics. This looks better than some "video games converted to real life" fight scenes I've seen before..

Need to see more? Ok, I just found another cool fight scene they created. Check it out:

Pretty cool from a video game stand-point, right?

I really want to see what these guys can do with a cool cast of actors, a better background setting, and more budget for graphics. I nominate them to make the next "Street Fighter: The Movie".. or at least a trailer =P

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