Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 162: Michael Jordan vs Lebron James - The Endless Debate (Cool Video)

This recent video just surfaced compiling some cool clips & audio commentary from NBA analysts (+ Scottie Pippen's comment) talking about Michael Jordan vs Lebron James.

Who is better? MJ or LBJ? You would think this is obvious but I've heard some rather interesting comments for both sides.

In my eyes, MJ is by far the greatest NBA player of all time without a doubt. I'm not gonna go into the obvious & compare stats, but I gotta say MJ was definitely a great leader when he played the game and during the end of close games you know if he had the ball that he was gonna make the last shot #soclutch

On the other hand, Lebron did enter the NBA right out of high school and became a dominant all-star right away (Rookie of the Year, 7x All-Star, 2x MVP), so he deserves major credit for that. I can see why people think he's better than MJ because in today's league athletes are so much more stronger, quicker, and faster. With that, Lebron by far exceeds anyone in physical/athletic ability & pure talent, which makes him such a monster on the court #beastmode

You can agree or disagree; I really don't care. This debate can go on forever, but I want to leave one final comment: MJ never just quit like Lebron did during the playoffs last year vs the Boston Celtics, and MJ won a Slam Dunk Contest vs Lebron who never even attempted to do #smh

Lebron is a great player lame but MJ is the greatest.

6/13/11 Update: Ok, I just wanna retract one of my comments from above after watching Game 6 where the Heat just got whooped on by the Mavs... Lebron: you are not great anymore to me; just physically gifted/talented in all aspects of the game yet you don't know how to close them when the pressures up. SMHx1000!


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