Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 105: Devil In A New Dress - Rick Ross' verse (Music Video)

- Alt Audio Link (link to entire song)

"I never needed acceptance from all you outsiders, had cyphers with Yeezy before his mouth wired.." -Rick Ross

I just saw this music video the other day of a Kanye West track called "Devil In A New Dress" featuring Rick Ross, but I guess Kanye couldn't make it to the shoot so Ross did it without him, haha! =P

If you can't already tell, I'm more of a beat-listener and mostly love this type of chill / mellow-tempo music, especially this track because of it's smooth use of instrumentals. Kanye definitely knows how to fill people's headphones with "Good Music" and Rick Ross does a nice job ending this song too. Don't get me wrong tho, I do factor in lyrics when I "like" a song but some songs sound so good collectively that it doesn't need to have deep lyrics, ya feel me?

FYI, I hope everybody has a copy of Kanye's recent album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy because it's a musical masterpiece.



  1. I use to not like rick ross because of the fake cocaine sales he talked about when he was really enforcement , but i tell you what i am feeling ross now at less he try to tell a story in his music sometimes , but like i always say real hip hop is not on the radio.

  2. Same, I never liked Rick Ross before but when he came out with "Teflon Don" I've started paying more & more attention to him, and since then he's grown on me. Still don't agree with his move signing with Diddy tho...

    I totally agree with you on that one; real hip-hop isn't on the radio. When I hear a song go on the radio it makes me not wanna listen to it anymore.

    FYI, if your diggin Rick Ross now, check out his "Ashes to Ashes" mixtape. Worth listening to..