Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day 374: HBK Reppin' the Bay - Azure with "Psychedelic" (Music Video)

I've always been a supporter of Bay Area rap music (being raised in Cupertino), and it's been a minute since I've heard of any buzz over there recently until I started getting familiar with the HBK Gang (aka HeartBreaK Gang). It looks like IAMSU! has been holding it down for a while and has been the face of the crew with help from Jay Ant, P-Lo, and others.

I really just wanted to shout out their DJ, Azure, for the main reason I've been doing research on their crew and getting hooked on their music. I'm rooting for these guys to blow up and put Bay Area rap back on everybody's radar. Let's hope they can build a scene.

Check out IAMSU!'s recent track he released featuring 2 Chainz & Sage the Gemini (the newest HBK member) after the jump...

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