Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 366: Now listening to Kilo Kish (Audio)

Through browsing & reading all these year-end recaps of best albums & mixtapes of 2013, I luckily stumbled upon the mixtape, K+, by Kilo Kish and gave it a listen. After hearing 'creepwave' for the first time, I immediately embraced her style of music and checked out the rest of her mixtape. Overall, it's produced very well and has a dope sound if you're into that ambient-sounding style of rap music (sort of fused with some spacey beats).

With all these new emerging artists fusing different genres together, I'm going to do my best to learn how to describe what I hear better to help you understand where I'm coming from. Right now, I'm just in the zone of researching new music and finding all kinds of styles I'm taking a liking to, so bare with me for now =)

Take a listen to Kilo Kush's mixtape, K+, after the jump.

My top fav tracks: turquoise, love2K, creepwave, goldmine, ghost

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