Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 370: Just Heard - Submotion Orchestra with "1968" (Audio)

"And this light,
Won't shine so bright;
But there'll be,
Enough to see right."

By now, we all know the majority of new & emerging music comes out of the UK as that's been the testing grounds for experimental kind of music. With that, hailing from the UK is Submotion Orchestra. So, I checked them out from a friend's reference and instantly became attached after hearing the song, 1968, which is the title of their recent EP too (released in Nov 2013). They got this new-age jazz sound to their music.

First off, I'm typically a beat type of guy and I'm also very drawn to good singers/vocals, so this song really matches my kind of tune. What draws me is the dreamy synths, mixed of drums patterns, great use of reverb overall, and the women with the vocals who has a such emotion & smoothness with her voice (sorry, I don't know her name!). Gotta put this on repeat right now.

Check out the rest of their EP, 1968, after the jump, as well as their recent music video for the song "Hard To Stay".

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