Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 68: J. Cole Performance in SJ Recap (Pics + Videos)

11/27 (San Jose, CA): While I was in the bay for Thanksgiving break, My friends and I went to go check out J. Cole perform live @ Voodoo Lounge last Friday, and all I gotta say is he is one dope MC.

He definitely rocked the stage and gave everybody an awesome show. He performed his hit track "Who Dat" and rapped his verses from the mainstream song "All I Want is You" by Miguel. He also did a bunch of my fav's from his Friday Night Lights mixtape and some other jams from his older mixtape called The Warm Up.

The only downside was that Voodoo Lounge is a small venue and the stage was literally just a corner area. Also, it was pretty dark in general so I couldn't really take great pictures. Granted all that, it wasn't too crowded so I got a close view of the entire performance. Overall, the show was more than worth it.

Check out some pictures and a video I took of the event:

"Dollar & A Dream II" live:

- The sound is pretty distorted and the picture is dark because my camera is a POS..
- The sound gets better once he goes acappella

After seeing the pictures & video I took, I'm motivated to get a better camera and possibly a flip cam. Hopefully I can start saving money soon but for now this will have to do.

** Update: My homie has a better video so I'll post that up at the end of the week

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