Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 75: A song for the ladies by Jamie Foxx featuring Drake (Music Video)

Jamie Foxx - Fall For Your Type featuring Drake

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For those who didn't catch the premiere of this music video on BET last Friday, here it is for your listening & viewing pleasure.

This song featuring Drake will be on Jamie Foxx's new album called Best Night of My Life set to be released on December 21st. I'm sure the album will be filled with a lot of R&B and party-type music, so this should definitely be a good album to get for all you mainstream music lovers out there.

Personally, I can get into this type of music and I think Jamie Foxx is a very talented person who has done it all (television, movies, stand-up, & music), but I'll need to hear more songs from the album to get a better feel of it. Right now, I can dig Jamie Foxx as a musician but I'm not really too inclined to spend $$$ on an album like this.

I do like one of his tracks on this album, which I posted up before. Check it out here:
Day 51: Need something to listen to? Get your headphones ready! (Audio)
   - Song: Jamie Foxx - Living Better Now featuring Rick Ross

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