Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 78: Action Movies to look forward to in 2011 (Movie Trailers)
- Looking forward to Transformers 3 in July 2011, but the trailer is such a teaser

So I was "taking a break" from work the other day and decided to search for some cool new movies coming out in 2011. As I was finding some interesting movies to add onto my movie list, it just dawned on me: 2011 is going to be all about Aliens & Robots!! Well not quiet, but I really hope we can get out of the vampires, werewolves, and kid wizards phase please.

Anyways, here are some awesome movie trailers that caught my attention:

Battle: Los Angeles

- Set to be released in March 2011 and stars Michelle Rodriguez & Aaron Eckhart
(Looks as if it could happen in real life.. and I'm living in LA too... AHHH!)

Cowboys & Aliens

- Set to be released in July 2011 and stars Daniel Craig (007!) and Harrison Ford
(This may be a hit or fail but the trailer has me curious)

Sucker Punch

- Set to be released in March 2011 and is from the directors of Watchmen & 300
(Looks like it will have a lot of cool visuals & non-stop action/fighting scenes)

I didn't want to point out the obvious blockbusters so check out these trailers and lemme know what you think.

TGIF peeps!

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