Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 80: What is Steve "The Franchise" Francis doing now? (Video)

- He's so OG that he'll play on a bad ankle while the ice pack is still on. LOL.

I just read this Yahoo article not too long ago about Steve Francis (former NBA All-Star), and it appears he's still ballin it up in a league over in China for a team called the Beijing Ducks. He saw his first action the other day as he was called into the game knowing he was injured with a bad ankle (look at that ice pack!). Regardless, he played but only got to see about 3 minutes of action so it wasn't a big deal.

I'm really surprised there is actually news about "The Franchise" since his departure from the NBA. I swear he just fell off a cliff, and everybody just forgot about him & moved on. I can't even remember the last NBA team he played for, but I do remember when he was a Houston Rocket busting out some flashy moves as he had crazy handles and mad hops for a point guard his size. Granted the team wasn't that great at the time, I still liked him back then during the days he played alongside Cuttino Mobley (old school yo!).

Here's a news report from China that proves he's still playing bball:

- This clip just shows a glimpse of him entering the game which was enough for them to win

On the topic of forgotten NBA players, I heard Stephon Marbury is also playing in the same Chinese league as Steve Francis so that should boost up their fanbase overseas... or maybe not.

Saw it here first: Vladtv.com

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