Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 82: Jersey Shores is coming back for a 3rd season! (Preview)
- JWowwwzas!

To confirm all the rumors, yes MTV's Jersey Shores will be coming back for a 3rd season! You know what that means... IT'S T-SHIRRRRRRT TYYYYYYYME!

Not to say I totally like the show, but through the past seasons it's just grown on me. As a form of dumb entertainment, this show gets my gold star as it just cracks me up with all the stupid & crazy drama they get into. I'm even starting to become a fan of JWoww as she's just so freakin sexy from head to toe (voluptuous is the correct term!).

Anyways, here's the preview to the 3rd season. It looks like there will be two one new female member added to the crew minus the "dirty lil hampster" Angelina (Ewwwwww!).

This show will premier on Thursday, January 6th on MTV (check your local listing for the time).

Saw it here first:

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