Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 316: Today's Mood - Relax to some Nosaj Thing x Toro Y Moi

Nosaj Thing and Toro Y Moi are an amazing duo on this collaboration. I feel like they were meant to make music together as their styles mix so well. The combination of synth sounds with the soft finger-snapping and vocals make it one of those tracks that can put you to sleep.

Toro Y Moi will be performing at the Fonda Theater this weekend for all those in LA, which I might have to go see. In the meantime, I'm going to get a bit more familiar with his music.

Check out a cool track by Toro Y Moi after the jump...

Has Toro Y Moi performed at Coachella yet? I can totally see him performing there... it looks like Nosaj Thing was on the lineup back in 2011.

If he hasn't then he deserves to be there next year because his type of music would thrive with the Coachella audience. He definitely appeals to the new-age hipsters, which is totally not me.. but I can dig it this though, haha =)

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