Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 312: A very inspiring bball documentary - "10,000 Hours" (Video)

Episode 1:

This is a really interesting bball documentary that caught my attention, which is about two young Asian ballers from the Bay Area who put themselves through intense workouts to improve their game in hopes of one day of getting into the NBA. Yeah, it looks like they have a long journey ahead but the takeaway is this: it's all about realizing what your dream is no matter what people say and what's stacked against you. At the end of the day, you'll never find out if that dream was possible w/o putting in the work & being fully dedicated in becoming better. That means never giving up and never losing focus.

I love playing the game of basketball even though I'm not that great, but after watching this documentary I'm determined to find ways to work on my game and maintain my body in good bball shape. I wish I could have their coach put me on the right track, or I might just have to move back to the bay for a little bit and find him, haha.

I would've never found out about this if it wasn't for one of my bball homies, so s/o to J.Cov for showing me this one. He helped out with Episode 3 so check that out. More episodes after the jump...

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

I'll keep updated with this and post new episodes as soon as they come out. Until then, time to schedule in some time to check out the Sand Dunes in LA and make a stop by Brandon Jenning's bball court in Gardena.

Props to Devin for working his butt off and doing this documentary at the same time.

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