Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 224: COD Modern Warfare 3 Trailer - Nice creative & use of celebs (Video Games)

Saw this pretty cool & creative Call of Duty commercial last night during Sunday Night Football, and just wanted to share this with everybody. I liked how they used the "Vet vs n00b" concept as most ALL gamers can totally relate to this no matter what game they are playing.

They did really good job putting together celebs such as Sam Worthington & Jonah Hill and meshing them with the overall concept. Dwight Howard makes a quick yet laughable appearance in the end, which is kind of random but I guess every NBA player needs to do something to make that $ during this NBA lockout.

Overall, a very well-put together and funny COD ad. Man, this game's gonna be huge.. I don't even play video games anymore and I'm thinking about getting it.

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