Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 64: I dedicate this "Rap Song" to you - T-Pain & Rick Ross (Music Video)
- T-Pain (Left) & Rick Ross (Right)

This is among the very few songs I like from T-Pain called "Rap Song" featuring Rick Ross, which is the first official single off his upcoming album called "RevolveR" set to be released in Spring 2011. Check out the new music video below:

T-Pain - Rap Song featuring Rick Ross

- Alt Audio Link
- Pretty cool use of the still-motion filming throughout the entire music video

T-Pain is one of those off-the-wall type of artists with a wacky style (both in music & his choice of clothing), and is mostly known for making a lot of mainstream "radio" music with heavy use of the auto-tune. A lot of it's junk music to me but I'll give him credit though, some of his hits have a good overall sound (I think it's mostly because of the auto-tune). Here are some of my fav's from T-Pain: Can't Believe It featuring Lil Wayne & Buy U A Drank featuring Young Joc. Enjoy!

FYI, I might not be back until Friday so have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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