Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 55: Saigon meets Mario & "Gets Busy" (Video)

Saigon is amongst one of my favorite underground rappers who has the craziest wordplay with his flows and always spits that RAW raps (just like Royce da 5' 9"). Some of his songs are RAW as in.. well it's too explicit for me to explain, but he has some songs that are RAW as in music you can take away a good message from. That's why I like a lot of underground hip-hop (with everything else I listen to) because it has that real flavor from the vocals right down to the beat, lyrically has more substance in which people can level with, and it's the type of music you can just nod your head & get down to.

Anyways, here's a fun song with a Mario-themed beat from Saigon who comes up with a Mario rap suitable for everyone. He can rap about just anything and make it sound cool, so here you go:

Saigon - Get Busy

Saw it here first:

This song reminds me of this classic by an old underground artist named "Benefit" who raps over a similar Mario beat:

Benefit - Warp to World 6-9 (The Mario Rap)

- Alt Audio Link

I can still remember the day I got my first Nintendo & played Mario for days. Good ol' days of being a kid!

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