Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 56: Jose Cuervo's Day of the Dead Event (Pics)


11/04 (Los Angeles, CA): I went to go check out this Jose Cuervo Silver Launch Party in Downtown LA with some friends, and it turned out to be a cool event. C'mon, free Jose Cuervo shots & mixed drinks, a chill atmosphere, good music, and a cool set up... what more can you ask for? And it was all free too!

The theme of the party was "Day of the Dead" which is a holiday celebrated in Mexico (of course the perfect theme for this brand). There was also a performance towards the end which was pretty lame, but overall this was a nice event. Here are some pictures I took to give you a view of how it was:

- Freaky yo; it was just looking at us the whole time...
- Cool bar.

- My homie got scared because this skeleton was about to take him to the underworld...
- So then I stepped in and made peace with it. We all good now.
- A scary beauty.
- I couldn't just have one. =)
- Good job Mr. Cuervo. May you R.I.P.

I'm noticing more alcohol labels are throwing these type of free parties on occasion (ex. Heineken & Hennessy), which is good PR for them because it draws young adult to come out to these kind of events and alcohol is something almost every young adult consumes whenever there's a party.

Props to Rex4000 for another one. Go check out his blog; it's pretty cool.


  1. Hi,DaysofJ
    It's the first time for me to hear "Day of the Dead".
    Cool party!