Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 22: Drizzy-Drake - "Light Up" (Un-official Video)

- Saw it here first:

This video caught my attention although it's not the official music video to Drake's song "Light Up" featuring Jay-Z. I really like the imagery shown throughout the entire video, and am diggin the black & white look which adds to the dark feeling of this song. Also too, the beautiful ladies spittin on Drake & Jay-Z's verse are definitely good eye candy to watch. Towards the end, this video gets spoiled as they decided to add another verse which is pretty lame. -5 points for that...

This is one of my favorite tracks on Drake's recent album, Thank Me Later, and has such an awesome beat. In case ya'll haven't heard it, I got the audio right here:

Drake - Light Up featuring Jay-Z

Audio Link

... wait until the sun goes down, we gone this bitch light up!

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