Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 18: Mellow Out To Some Nas (Audio)


Nas is definitely among the top 5 rappers in my Hip-Hop list of all time, but man I just wish he would come out with another solo album (just one more!).

He's recently been doing some solo tracks here & there, and been featured on songs with other artists. He actually did a joint album with Damian Marley called "Distance Relatives" which came out this past 4/20 (of course!). On that note, he is currently touring and will be in San Bernardino, CA performing @ the Smoke Out Festival on October 16th. I may possibly check that out, but I hate driving all the way out there.

Here are some chill songs to help you do away with any stress going on:

Nas - Material Things ft. Jully Black

Nas - Film (Produced by C-Sick)
(kinda old-2009, but man this song is dope)


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