Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 8: The New iPod Nano

Just caught me a glimpse of the new iPod Nano, which looks kinda cool and fun to play with. Apple is always looking to reduce the size of their other iPods so might as well do it with the nano too, right? Some nice features include:

  • A touch screen because that is the "future of technology" these days (called "Multi-touch")
  • Practically half the size & weight of the regular iPod nano, which makes it easier to carry around (and easier to lose!)
  • Has a "Shake" feature where you can literally shake the iPod Nano and it will shuffle to the next song (good for lifting weights & exercising)
  • A clip in the back so you can hang it to almost anything (similar to the ipod shuffle)
  • You can rotate the screen with two fingers, which is convenient if you have it hooked on your armband the wrong way (or somewhere it's not supposed to be :P)
The new iPod Nano is supposed to retail for $149 (8GB version) and $179 (16 GB version), which come in all the Apple colors. This is set to be available in stores sometime next week. Here's a video of someone playing around with it, so you can preview it live in action:

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