Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 44.5: Let's roll to Smack Nightclub tonight! (Video)

Wouldn't it be freakin awesome to have a party up in here? Holy cow, this might actually be too good to be true!! I'm just amazed about how this room is set up so nicely with all the flashing LED lights everywhere. Too bad it's located in the UK, but for you folks living out there I'd definitely go check this out. You can find this @ Smack Nightclub.

Props to Mr. Kotch for showing me this. Let me know when you wanna roll out. I'm dizzown!!


  1. wicked! O.o totally amazed by the lights.
    this would be a perfect place for birthday (unfortunately, it is not here in the phil.) lol :D

  2. lol! Yea, same here. I want to go visit the UK now