Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 47: Dwyane Wade aka Agent D3 - New Commercial (Video)

It looks like Dwyane Wade came out with his own new commercial to help hype up the Miami Heat and their path to another ring, but in light of their first game of the season yesterday they didn't look like a championship team at all as they were no match against the Boston Celtics. Lebron James was mostly holding it down for the team while Wade & Bosh struggled to make shots. Although I had a feeling Boston would win this game anyways, I'm sure Wade & the Heat will easily bounce back from this loss. The season's only just begun...

Anyways, here's the cool commercial featuring Dwyane Wade as Agent D3 (mix of Iron Man & 007 theme):

And next, I suppose Chris Bosh will be coming out with his own commercial soon too, right?

Props to my boy Beaves for hookin me up with this one. Btw, I still liked the Miami Heat before Lebron & Bosh came into the picture. D-WAAAAADE! =P

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