Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 150: Shy Ronnie is back! ft. Rihanna - A new Lonely Island joint (Music Video)


First off I just wanna say, Rihanna is lookin sooo flyyyy, as usual ;)

I just saw this song pop up last week, so you know what this means? The Lonely Island are baaaack! This song caught my attention, not because of Rihanna, but because it's real funny and the type of music & comedy I enjoy!

They actually just recently dropped a new album called Turtleneck & Chain which should be full of songs like the one above (if you like this kind of stuff). All these d00ds are freakin hilarious but out of the group I think Andy Samberg is probably the funniest one! When is he gonna come out with another movie btw?

If anyone decides to get the album, lemme know if there are any hits on there like this one: I'm On A Boat ft. T-Pain or this one: Jizz In My Pants =D


Saw the music video here first: Missinfo.tv

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