Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 153: I Do It by Big Sean over the 9.8 D.Rose Adidas Commercial (Video)

I just saw this new Adidas commercial for Derrick Rose's new shoe during the OKC vs MAVs game yesterday (sad loss for okc...), and as soon as I heard the beat I knew it was from this recent song by Big Sean. Chekkit:

Big Sean - I Do It

"My crew is who I be widdy-be-wid-it, Rosé i sippity-sip-it, I'm Quagmire I f*ck hoes, my cashflow I giggy-d-gig-it..." - Big Sean

(This verse is creative & funny at the same time!)

Overall, I think this song is pretty dope and I've been really diggin Big Sean's rap style lately. He's been on the come up in my radar, and I have a feeling he's gonna have a big year this year. I met him real briefly once and he seems like a chill d00d too.

Be on the lookout for his first real album dropping this year called Finally Famous scheduled to be released in the Summer (6/21/11).


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