Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 154: Kendrick Lamar is such a Musical Genius - HiiiPower (Music Video)

Kendrick Lamar - Hiii Power

- Alt Audio Link

Kendrick Lamar is becoming one of my favorite new generation artists these days (among Big Sean, J. Cole, & Wiz Khalifa), especially because he's reppin the new WestCoast! #hollaaa

Known as Dr. Dre's prodigy to most, he's definitely on a good path with his career as he's been making quality music and has collaborated with like-minded artists on some real hip-hop (none of that mainstream stuff!).

He's also a genius when it comes to making beats and puts in so much creativity & passion in his lyrics, which is why I think he's so dope.

Be on the lookout for a collaboration album with J. Cole to drop sometime this year (supposedly).

Saw it here first:

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