Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 148: I can't get enough of Vegas! But then again I'm so sick of it! It's a love/hate thing... (Pictures)

So these past 2 weekends in a row, I've been partying hard in the biggest party city in the USA, Sin City! (AKA Las Vegas!!) You can call me crazy, but I just call it living it up. We are only young once right? =P

"Livin young, and wild, and free" is the motto, only if you can handle it.

I'm no gambling addict or anything, but you can make a trip to Vegas all paid for as long as you play your cards right. That's the fun part about going to Vegas because if you're up alot of $ then its like a free trip, which is why I was able to go back-to-back weekends =D

It's all about betting big at the right moments. Go BIG or go HOME!

Here are some scenic pictures I took during my time in Vegas both weekends:

As much fun as I had in Vegas, I need to recover my mind & body so I think ima chill off Vegas for a while... just a few months maybe? =X


  1. Beautiful night view! Always hope I could be in Sin City as well.. Maybe someday :)

  2. @Rapid Vegas is a place that has it all: gorgeous views, awesome parties/clubs, cool shows, and lovely ladies everywhere! I recommend everybody experience Vegas at least once ;)

    Nice music site btw! Just checked it out