Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 151: Found the Real Life Magneto! It's A Young 6-Year-Old Kid (Video)

Ok, I didn't really follow Magneto's history as a kid so I don't know when he becomes evil, but note to the parents: raise him right now or it will be the death of us all!

Hmm, I think I'll need to watch the new X-Men movie coming out, X-Men: First Class to get a sense of how Magneto's power & evil develops when he's young, so we can train the kid right. Actually fcuk it, we need to assassinate him now before he can learn to think! To the Blackbird!! =P

Real talk though, if the kid doesn't become Magneto then I can see him making a career in Vegas! ;) Hey, if you had that power, wouldn't you like to get paid big $$$ to show it off? I'm sure when he grows up he'll be able to do some awesome tricks with that talent.. I'm just saying!

Props to my homie Beavs for showing me this one.

More info about this kid right here:

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