Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 118: "Winning" for Men by Charlie Sheen - Jimmy Fallon skit (Video)

- Saw it here first: www.hulu.com

I just saw this funny skit yesterday and wanted to share it with everyone because if it can make me laugh then I'm sure ya'll will find it entertaining too. I gotta say tho, Jimmy Fallon does a really good Charlie Sheen impression and looks just like him, haha!

If you're like me then you must be tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen since he's all over the news, web, radio, and talk show jokes 24/7 (seriously 24/7!). Just like Jersey Shoresit's dumb entertainment and people love watching/talking/hearing about it, so all this Charlie Sheen stuff has grown on me.

This will be my first & last post about Charlie Sheen (I hope..), so I want to end this with a funny video compilation of Charlie Sheen's "Winning" comments:


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