Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 116: New Tech Comes & Goes Fast! - Funny Best Buy Commercial (Video)

- It's the TRUTH!

Check out the commercial above, and tell me if you would have a similar reaction with new technology & the rate something newer comes out:

- D00d seriously WTF?! I just got one a few months ago!
- Should I get one now or wait for a newer one???
- I just want to break the one I have now.. I hate upgrading! >:O

If you've made any of these comments before then I feel your pain!

I've been seeing this Best Buy commercial on a lot of networks lately, and it really does make good sense of how newer technology is coming out quicker & quicker these days. Just yesterday, Apple announced their release of the iPad 2 after they had released the original iPad in April 2010. Who knows, we may see an iPad 3 come out this Fall!

Anyways, I'm in a dilemma right now and deciding if I should get the Verizon iPhone now or wait until a newer one comes out. F- it, I'm probably going to get one real soon but I know I might kick myself in the butt in a few months...

Good creative ad btw.

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