Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 189: Some live concerts I wish I coulda gone to - Rihanna x Jay-Z & The Weeknd (Videos)

Loud Tour: Rihanna & Jay-Z ("Run This Town" live)

- Destination: New Jersey, NY

Who wouldn't want to see Rihanna & her sexy body, and Mr. HOVA himself: Jay-Z up on stage together. #EPIC

Good to see Jay-Z is back doing live concerts again though. He just announced his tour dates with Kanye West to promote their new album coming out next month. Check out the tour dates right here.

Saw it here first: 2dopeboyz

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The Weeknd - "High for This" live

- Destination: Toronto, Canada

I've been bumping The Weeknd for a while now and I just can't stop listening to his recent mixtape, House of Balloons. He'll be performing at the OVO Fest with Drake & Rick Ross this Sunday, 7/31, for those of you in Canada. It's gonna be a dope show over there #IwishIcouldgo

Saw it here first:

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