Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 180: I breathe & live basketball - D.Will's hesitation move + Bow Wow gets punked by Kobe (Videos)

Deron Williams is one of my top 3 favorite point-guards in the NBA right now, and it's going to be real sad if he plays overseas in Turkey because of this stupid NBA lockout.

I believe in 2012 that the world will really be coming to the "end of days" if the NBA gets locked out next season as well as the NFL. Idiot owners and their greed for more money.. If we had no sports this Fall then I think everybody would go stupid craaaaazy #badnews

On a funnier note, check out this video of Bow Wow getting owned by Kobe:

"Come here little fella... shut up!" - Kobe Bryant

Kobe is just playing casually while Bow Wow is down $1K. Smh @ Bow Wow for even thinking he had a chance. No, you didn't just lose Bow Wow, you got spanked, taken to school, and spanked again after school #blackmambastyle

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