Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 182: This is beat is a thumper! - Fabolous x Red Cafe (Vevo Music Video)

Fabolous - Y'all Don't Hear Me Tho ft. Red Cafe

- Alt Audio Link

"Sometimes I amaze, somtimes I dissapoint; sometimes I blow this paper like it's just a joint..." -Fabolous

I can't believe this song got past my radar for the few months that it's been out, so I just wanna say props to VEVO for setting up this music video and finding it's way to me =)

As soon as I heard the beginning of the beat, I knew this one was gonna be good. Fabolous has always held a good rep with me and is still coming out with those banger-type songs. He also has a slick rappin style and can get quite creative with his lyrics too. Keep em comin Fab.

Saw the music video here first: NahRight

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