Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 178: I won't stop cuz I can't stop! - Chiddy Bang Freestyle (Music Video)

Chiddy Bang - I Can't Stop (Freestyle)

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Ahhh, Chiddy Bang.. this is the d00d who recently broke the Guinness World's Record for longest freestyle rap. If you don't believe me then check this.

When I first heard this freestyle, I thought to myself: "that was so 'LA' of him to pick this beat" since electro/dubstep music is all I hear in the clubs & the radio over here these days. I'm not saying its a bad thing but rather it's more so a beat that appeals to the newer/younger generation, which is his type of crowd anyways. This is a bit loud for me personally but I can tune my ears to it when I'm in the mood #fistpump

In case you're wondering, the beat is from an english DJ named Flux Pavilion. Chekkit:

Saw it here first:

FYI, I'm not a total fan of his music just yet but he's had my attention ever since I heard this song a while back called Opposite of Adults, in which he basically raps over a chopped up version of this MGMT beat. I'll be keeping tabs.


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