Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 140: Go NY Go (Remix) by Swizz Beatz ft. Amare x Melo - SMH x 100! (Video)

I'm really ashamed to post this up but man I have to bash on how lame this is.. #superwak !!

Cmon freals Swizzy, Amare, & Melo?!?! I think this is probably only used for the intermissions between timeouts & breaks during the game anyways, but still... I'm sure they could have come up with a better themed NY Knicks song than that!

If it was DJ Pauly D in the mix then I'd understand how this would fit together. With Swizzy tho, why not stick with a Hip-Hop themed song.. I mean, I thought Hip-Hop originated in New York? :\

Sounds like a bunch of Jersey Shores type music... blaaaaah SMH! Now I hope the Celtics whoop on the Knicks today.. #beatNY

Shout out to my homie Dex for showing me this one..

Happy GOOD Friday peeps!

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