Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 130: Snoop Dogg Album Release Party Recap (Pics + Videos)


3/31/11 (Hollywood, CA): I was very fortunate to get access to Snoop Dogg's album release party @ Trousdale, and to sum it all up: I had a Blast! =P

This party obviously was meant to celebrate the release of Snoop's recent album, Doggumentary, which by the way has a variety of mainstream/thumpin/laid-back songs made for any type of hip-hop/music lover. It doesn't matter if you're heavily into hip-hop or not, just get it. Reppin for that West!

The party had such a cool vibe and I even got to see a few celebs like Nicki & Paris Hilton, Warren G, and a few others (I was pretty drunk so I forgot to pay more attention.. SUE ME!). Anyways, I was able to take some nice videos & pics of the party below:

- Just warming up the crowd..

- PLATINUM! This song is a banger!

I got a few more pics in my album right here.

Mad props to my homie J.Li for hookin me up with this one yo!! FYI, more coverage on my homie's LA blog: Uncvr. Check it out!

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