Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 134: It's Rick Ross x Drake with a dope track - Made Men (Music Video)

Rick Ross - Made Men ft. Drake

- Alt Audio Link

This song has been growing on me ever since I heard it a while back on this streaming Hip-Hop station, and I gotta say it's pretty #raw.

I didn't expect to see Rick Ross & Drake get together & make a music video for this song, but good for them.. they probably had mad fun making this anyways. I'm glad they did it b/c it gives me something to watch when I'm bored too =P

This beat is a banger... not too OG but not soft either (has some shades of dark too). Not sure how to label it but it's dope to me!

Watching this music video makes me want to go to Vegas now.. lol

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