Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 262: Bringing back "The Dream Team" - 20th Anniversary Special Documentary

For all you sports fans and basketball enthusiasts, tune in your televisions to NBA TV on June 13th at 9PM EST / 6PM PST as this is going to be an epic documentary about the 1992 U.S. Olympic Basketball team aka "The Dream Team." There will be a lot of never before seen footage and interviews which I'm sure will catch everybody's attention.

As you know, The Dream Team consisted of an unstoppable roster during the most competitive ages of NBA basketball. You have Magic Johnson and John Stockton at the point, the pure shooting of Larry Bird and Chris Mullin, the paint covered by the two towers: David Robinson and Patrick Ewing, and Michael Jordan lighting everybody up with Scottie Pippin and Charles Barkley to muscle anyone getting in his way. Can't forget the contributions Clyde Drexler and Christian Laettner made too.

Anyways, check it out June 13th. Should be #epic #legendary

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