Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 199: More KD in the offseason + Brandon Jennings lighting it up (Videos)

Kevin Durant aka "Durantula"

With all this offseason action I'm seeing from Kevin Durant, I've come to conclude:

KD > Lebron

Watch this recent video of Lebron playing in Taiwan and tell me you don't agree.. #nuffsaid =P


Brandon Jennings aka "Yung Buck"

Brandon Jennings is such a flashy Point Guard that I've always kept my eye on, and boyyyy he's got some range. Man, it's so fun watching what these NBA players are doing in the off season to stay active.

It seems like the NBA lockout may extend for a while so I hope we can see more of these off-court type of videos of these NBA players in a city near you. Just please don't go overseas! My suggestion: start an exclusive NBA All-Star Street League and tour the country!! #HOLLAAA

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