Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 291: Adidas Basketball presents 'The Return' feat. D.Rose (Videos) **Updated**

Episode 1: Belief

Check out this awesome webiseries about Derrick Rose and his road to recovery after he went down during the NBA playoff in Game 1 vs. the 76ers.

This is why I respect D.Rose not only as an NBA player but also as an athletic individual & true competitor who never gives up. Drive, motivation, and passion is all you need to get anywhere in this world.

Check out the two three other webiseries episodes after the jump... **Updated**

Episode 2: Hope

Episode 3: Focus

Episode 4: Push (**Updated**)

Episode 5: Drive (**Updated**)

(**Updated**) Check out the Adidas YouTube channel here for more videos.

Shout out to Adidas for setting this campaign up. I hope D.Rose has a speedy recovery though; the NBA needs you.


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