Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 257: Don't sleep on Casey Veggies - Customized Greatly 3 (#CG3)

Casey Veggies - Verified

I just copped the new Casey Veggies mixtape, Customized Greatly 3, which you can download for free from his website right here: caseyveggies.com #CG3

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Casey Veggies has been crawling up my radar for a while, but now I'm fully aware of the talent he has as an artist after listening to this mixtape. I'm really impressed with the hard work he put into this project (talking about it often on Twitter) and the quality tracks that are featured. It looks like the rap "buzz" is definitely shifting to the WestCoast with all these new artists finally starting to slowly emerge into the mainstream scene. WestCoast stand up!

Before I end, I want to post this somewhat-old track that's been on blast in my playlist:

Casey Veggies - Ridin' Roun Town

- This track is from the mixtape: Sleeping In Class 

You're welcome #RespectTheWest

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