Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 256: For the women, weed, and weather... welcome to LA - Kendrick Lamar x Dr. Dre (Audio)

 Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe ft. Dr. Dre

- On itunes right here

The West has been catching fire lately with all these dope tracks coming out from various WestCoast artists, and this one definitely raised the bar... Kendrick and Dre reppin for Los Angeles on this smooth-sounding beat.

Perfect timing with this track as LA is literally starting to warm up with the Cali sunshine blazin, and everybody's starting to rock their springtime gear & bringing out their finest shades. I would say this song brought the heat back to LA.. finally.

You gotta be asking yourself, how come I can't find a download link to get this HOT track? Well, I've noticed a lot of those file sharing sites are getting shut down 1 by 1 or really limiting their usage since the whole Megaupload incident... All good tho, you can buy it like the rest of us #Isupportgoodmusic

I can't wait to see them both perform at Coachella coming up in a few weeks. I really hope they blow this song up at Coachella.. #CANTWAIT

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