Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 323: Coachella 2013 - A Weekend in Paradise California (Photos)

http://daysofj.blogspot.com photo blog_zps6dd59302.jpg

I know this is really late but just wanted to mention that I had a blast at Coachella a few weeks ago and took lots of pictures of the awesome scenery from a what I call a "Weekend in Paradise California".

Taking pictures and learning how to use photoshop is a hobby of mine, so what best way to put my camera and photoshop skills to the test. Check out my photos from that weekend after the jump and let me know what you think.

Here are a few more pictures:

http://daysofj.blogspot.com photo blog2_zps416c2a7f.jpg
- The Sahara Tent had a crazy set up with awesome lights and graphics coming from the front stage

http://daysofj.blogspot.com photo blog3_zpsa53adff9.jpg
- @ the xx (had to capture this amazing moment with the weed flag up high)

http://daysofj.blogspot.com photo blog4_zps3b6e3577.jpg
- somewhere in the campgrounds

http://daysofj.blogspot.com photo blog5_zps7cf15290.jpg
- Goodbye Coachella... it was an amazing ride... til next year!

Check out more of my photos in the slideshow below:

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