Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 320: Favorite performance from Coachella 2013 - the xx (Video)

There wasn't much hip-hop really at Coachella this year so I came to the festival with an open ear.

Despite seeing some dope hip-hop acts though (J5, Action Bronson, Wu-Tang; sorry I missed Pusha T & Earl the Sweatshirt, and F*&^% 2Chainz), I gotta say the xx turned out to be my favorite performance of the weekend. Their cover of Aaliyah's song "Hot Like Fire" is pretty creative and insanely smooth.

I actually purchased the xx's last album, Coexist, when it came out, and became a fan since then. After seeing them perform live, it made me like them even more. They are truly talented as artists and all-around musicians. It's hard to find many artists with such a creative style and unique sound w/o copying or sampling from someone else these days. When you hear the xx, you know its them and only them.

Overall though, I had a blast listening to so many new artists I've never heard of. Fun times, Coachella; you amazed me.

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